Access Your Success adopts the Meta DynamicsTM methodology based on the four dimensions of experience:

E.S.I.P – Critical Alignment Model

Know your WHY, WHAT, HOW, WHO

Created using four dimensions of human behaviour, Meta Dynamics™ will give you an easy to follow, step-by-step map for identifying where you are right now, how you can improve, and ways to naturally develop yourself—instantly.

E Environment

  • The thinking style of an individual to create an environment that is conducive to successful outcomes.


  • The thinking style of an individual to design the systems required to uphold the purpose and values related to core environmental elements.


  • The thinking style of an individual to deliver results and to stay focused on the vision and objectives.


  • The thinking style of an individual to develop relationships with who needs to be involved.


Meta Dynamics™ goes one step further by helping clients get in touch with the six levels of perception that occur before an event, putting emphasis on deeply establishing—and sustaining—a clear mindset, and flow, essential for success.

Access Your Success coaches deeply connect with our clients on both the E.S.I.P and perceptual level, enabling you the ability to tap into a reservoir of conscious that you didn’t have access to before…

And THAT’s when you can TRULY engage your client’s heart and mind, and help them elevate their potential to lead a profoundly exciting life…

It’s like having an x-ray into the client’s mind that will scan their perceptions and print a snapshot of exactly they need to do to help them feel inspired, energized and clear about their goals.

Meta Dynamics™ is the most advanced BREAKTHROUGH program using advanced coaching technology—and it is our most innovative, and transformative program to date.

Meta Dynamics™ will help you master your life, play BIG, and do it with passion—day in day out.

Take the journey with us, and make a difference in your life—inside and out.


The profiling tools are a must have to get accurate and speedy results.  Then the magic begins when we work with your strengths and identified stretches to map a blueprint for success in every area of your life.  When you see how simple yet powerful Meta Dynamics™ is in application of your life you will be empowered, energized, and clear about your goals.

Meta Dynamics Profiling Tool               give-you-tools-toolbox-valuable-skills-service-green-metal-words-to-illustrate-training-company-business-school-35971670

Four  Archetypes
Visionary  ␣  sees  the  potential

Architect  ␣  plans  the  potential

Dynamo  ␣  actions  the  potential
Connector  ␣  unites  people   around  the  potential

These primary characteristics are closely related to the 16 critical dimensions of the E.S.I.P. Critical Alignment Model.

The Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool measures the preferred style and not ability. For instance, an individual may very much enjoy inspiring others but have below-average ability in this area. However, clear preferences usually correlate quite well with the amount of effort and time put towards an area.

For example, if someone’s overall preferred style is poorly matched to their role, over time they are likely to become demotivated, perform poorly, have problems with absenteeism or look for a new role. Gaining an awareness of one’s own thinking style can highlight areas for development and help to develop strategies to work around areas of stretches or low preferences.

‘Which Meta Archetype Am I’

How to Make the Best of the Mini-Profiling Tool?

Answer the 32 questions as honestly as possible. Being honest will provide a truer picture of you and your thinking level, and you will therefore be able to respond with genuine examples, easily.

To get the most out of this tool:

  •  Do not aim at balancing out your preferences across the test. Choose the item that best represents you and is the first  that come to mind.
  •  Aim to be objective and accurate in the representation of your preference.
  •  If the statement needs prompting from someone, this means it is least like you.
  •  If you demonstrate the occurrence of a statement naturally and consistently, this means it is most like you.
  •   You must be able to recall demonstrating the behaviour for it to be most like you instead of assuming you have that  particular behavioural trait.
  •  Answer this test based on who you currently are and not who you’d ideally like to be.

This is an assessment around your interests, preferences and feelings about a range of things.

You are given a block of statements. Choose one statement that is most like your behaviour in work and everyday situations and one statement that is least like your behaviour. Indicate your choices by selecting the appropriate radio buttons in the columns marked “Most” or “Least”.

And most importantly, enjoy!


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• Those who want to:  change thinking,  change actions,  change lives