Hi, it’s great to meet you here.  I’d  like to give you a little bit of my background and why I am thrilled that you too can experience an extra-ordinary life by standing on the shoulders of giants that have gone before us.

I have lived and worked in the northern growth corridor of Melbourne for over 25 years as a Dental Therapist in both Public and Private settings. The fact is that I have been privileged to meet so many young people and saved millions of teeth, and as many egos, endeavoring to empower individuals regarding their overall well-being.

As a result of working with my dental patients, I found that I had to work with the mindset of individuals not just their teeth. I learned how to listen to their underlying issues and communicate with them at their level of development. Over the past years of studying applied social science, I now have the tools and techniques to decode human behaviour enabling sustainable change in people’s lives.

I realised that by sharing my knowledge on a grander scale than I was initially, I could really make a difference to individuals, corporations and communities that would benefit everybody immediately.  Why should it take half a lifetime or more to get to the point where we doubt and question ourselves, our jobs or our lives in general.  That is why I have created Access Your Success.  Take some time to look what I have made available to you if your visiting for the first time.  Our members have direct access to password protected content.  Our Online members are loving the flexibility and the value we offer here at Access Your Success.

Look forward to having a chat soon about how you can Access Your Success.

Cheers Karin Cook


Develop a community where individuals and groups CONNECT to facilitate CHANGE and GROWTH in a supportive environment.

Build affiliations with like-minded leaders, educators, optimisers, and mentors that know how to sustain extraordinary lives.

Deliver creative innovation in the areas of GROWTH, HAPPINESS, ABUNDANCE, SIGNIFICANCE, LEADERSHIP.

Customised memberships that is unique to Access Your Success.