There is a plethora of self help material available at the press of a button, but what benefit is this information if it just gets stored in your digital devices.  Does constantly searching for answers or reasoning with yourself serve you at getting you to tap into a deeper level of oneself and have control over your emotions, behaviour and beliefs. Like most people, DIY is a short term solution to a well established issue or problem that you want to change.

You may have expected that hard work and being a good person was going to give you a wonderful life and that you’d be happy.  You may have experienced satisfaction from your world and want to raise your standards to have a successful, abundant life that you only dream of.  What if I told you that you can create life on your own terms by designing your unique blueprint.  Would you know where to start or what is the exact strategy that can make your dreams your reality?  Right now I bet that your eyes roll upwards and your thinking about having financial independence and what that would mean for you.

Firstly, ask yourself who do I need to Be (insert your version of your ‘self’ here), and what do I need to Do (insert To-do list here) to Have (insert highest purpose here)?  This sounds easy, however, failing at getting this right can cause what is often referred to as a mid-life crisis?  Also, there are things to take into consideration like your own limitations and unforeseen roadblocks like fear and so on and so on.  For example, in the scenario about financial independence, many people will discount their chances of experiencing such things when they have not experienced it before.  A belief is formed that it can’t happen for them more so than a belief that it will happen.  This is how people form limiting beliefs.

The key lies in the way humans encode information about themselves in their world.  This is a common process to the human race, although, how reality is perceived differs between individuals. To confirm their reality is valid, individuals will seek supportive evidence at every opportunity.  A belief system is activated and governs our choices and, thus, our outcomes in life.  Therefore, everyone has the ability within themselves to experience change and or growth and experience abundance in life.  However, our ego kicks in to inform us that exposing ourselves to change is risky and our physiology responds like a chain reaction.  Who hasn’t had a little voice inside their head give accounts of why their life is the way it is.  It’s common human behaviour to look to find excuses rather than looking for solutions.  ROAD BLOCK!

NLP & Meta Dynamics™

Finding a mentor who has the results you want is a step in the right direction.  Anthony Robbins is renowned world-wide as ‘THE’ coach to the rich and famous.  Anthony uses the success tools and techniques of NLP to achieve the results his clients are wanting.  His success rate is as phenomenal as is the success of his clients.
NLP is the acronym for Neuro Linguistic Programming, foundered by Dr. John Grinder and Richard Bandler back in the 1970’s.  Their work identified the significance of how people process information to achieve specific outcomes.  Their findings revealed the most effective ways people could experience self-improvement and ultimately success in all aspects of life.  NLP is used in fields where peak performance is mandatory such as sports, law, politics, business, sales and education.

Modelling an expert in the field you want to succeed in is the first step to unlocking your access to success.  Here at Access Your Success, we practice what we preach and have Sharon Pearson as our phenomenal mentor and coach.  To her credit, Sharon is more than that since she has taken NLP to the next level.  Sharon has developed ‘Meta Dynamics’ and the latest success models and Profiling Tools that removes guesswork out of achieving your goals.  Access Your Success is affiliated with the developers of ‘Your Success Program’ to give our clients the best value in the marketplace.

MetaDynamics revolutionises the next level of personal and professional evolution.  It is the most innovative breakthrough in human behaviour, and neuroplasticity since the birth of NLP some 40 years back.  A Meta Dynamics practitioner is trained to guide you through the specific steps of the Critical Alignment Model which opens fresh pathways to achieving your goals with ease.  The profiling tools are a must have to get accurate and speedy results.  Then the magic begins when we work with the clients strengths and stretches to map a their blueprint for success in every area of life.  When you see how simple yet powerful Meta Dynamics is in application of your life you will be empowered, energized, and clear about your goals.  You will create a destiny greater than any you may have ever thought possible.

Owner’s Manual for Your Brain